What makes a powerful speaker? The answer is surprisingly simple.

Inspire, Engage, Entertain.

is it that makes a powerful communicator? Why do some speakers inspire the listener while others bore them to distraction? We use about 14,000 words every day, but rarely think about how we use them or what effect they may have on the audience. With 13 years' experience working with great communicators from all walks of life, from Hollywood A-listers and Nobel prize-winners to politicians and dot-com millionaires, Jonathan has learned the secrets of how to tell a story that captivates and engages the audience. Learn about stage presence, voice, the power of rhetoric and discover helpful tips to give you the confidence to captivate an audience of one, or one thousand.

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If you don't find our training worthwhile, we don't want you to pay for it. It's bad for business and we know how important a reputation is. We're confident that we have valuable insights and practical advice that will transform how you approach media opportunities. If it doesn't, it's on us. Get in touch to find out more